What is happening around GIRITON


We are constantly working on improving the GIRITON. Here on our blog you will always find the current list of news and things we have added to the system.

Attendance Clock will update itself...

Yesterday we released a new version of the Attendance Clock app. The update will be offered by a flashing green icon “i”. After you click on it, the update begins. This way our wallmount Attendance Clock were always updated …

But this is the last time you need to perform update manually. Yesterday’s version of Attendance Clock is able to perform following updates automatically. So last time, please, update your Attendance Clock, so the system can do that for you the next time.



In last days, we’ve added the following to the GIRITON web app:

- New planned action “Inform users about their applications not approved for longer than …”, which will send you a mail if your application (vacation, doctor, …) is waiting for approval longer than the specified number of days.
- New planned action “Generate attendance from Shift plan” automatically inserts attendance for selected users according to their shift plan. If you have people who do not want to clock-in themselves but needs to have attendance data, this is the ideal way.
- In Human Resources, the new columns “Department” and “Attendance Id” appear in the bottom table. That way you can quickly find out who belongs to which department without the clicking on a particular person.


Attendance clock update

Today we have released Attendance Clock app update. The new version includes:

- Project descriptions are displayed under the project name.
- We have added “The project must always be selected” option. This option forces the project to be selected before each clocking-in.
- The new “Mobile data must be enabled” setting. If enabled, you can not enter attendance when your mobile data are disabled.
- We’ve improved GPS positioning when inserting GPS attendance.
- As usually, many small adjustments and improvements.


Send reports by e-mail directly from web app

You can now send the reports as an attachment by mail directly from the report preview window. Just choose whether the report will be sent as Excel, PDF, or a PNG image. The recipient of the mail can be anybody from agenda Human Resources you can see there, who have an email address filled in.


Export Shift plan as .ical

The Shift plan can now be exported as a calendar in .ical format. That means you can import Shift Plans into your Outlook or Google Calendar for example. Until now this was only possible with attendance requests or a calendar of absences (doctors, holidays, …).


Activities “Shift” and “Project”

“Shift” and “Project” attendance activities have been added. The activities show the shortcut of the planned shift / project or shift / project that the person actually worked on.
You can then add a detailed view of each person’s shifts / projects every day of the month in the attendance and reports, or you can see the difference between the planned project vs. project on which was actually worked on.


Attendance Clock and My Attendance App Update

We have released an update to Attendance Clock, which turns off the display for the night. This update is available on the devices supplied by our company. Default offset times are from 18:30 to 05:30. By attaching the chip to the reader or by touching the Attendance clock screen, you will immediately wake up the device. 

On the My Attendance app, we’ve improved the GPS location record during a business trip on Android and iOS platforms. We also optimized the monthly attendance results display in the “Summaries of Attendance” tab, which is now clearer.


Bonus when...

We added the “Bonus when …” attendance activity. You can use this activity to arbitrarily configure bonuses using different rules. E.g. after working more than X hours per day / month, or after working more than X hours at night or on weekends, etc. Of course, the activity can be set only for the selected users.


Editing of Reports

In the “Attendance Days Simplified” and “Attendance Days Graphically” reports, the report “View actual arrival and exit times” was added. If cutting or rounding of arrival time is on, you can see actual arrival times in this report rather than those cut / rounded.
The report “Values shown in days instead of in hours” was added to the report “Attendance: Long-term sums in months”.


Shift Subscribtion Agenda was improved

Shift Subscription Agenda is faster now. The subscription for individual shifts is clearer now. The manager has added the ability to register in bulk or cancel registrations to other users.


News in “Project plan” and “Worksheet for projects” Agendas

In the Project Plan Agenda, you can add for every day a short note to the planned projects. These notes will also appear in the Worksheet for Project Agenda right next to the total time spent on the project.


New report: Log Book

We recently added the option to enter the state of the speedometer from the mobile and fill in from where - thru - to where was going. If you enter a speedometer status from your mobile phone two or more times (ie, at the beginning and the end of the business trip), the difference in speedometer statuses will be used as the offset distance for the given business trip, and it will also be printed in the new “Log Book” report.


Attendance Clock update

The main screen for Attendance Clock was improved for attendance insertion; submission of requests; viewing people at work; allocation of chips to users. The main screen has been improved to arrange the order of the individual buttons.

An alert has been added to an available update. A flashing green icon “i” appears on the screen.

Finally, the new “force GPS position” setting was added. If turned on, you can not insert attendance when the GPS position is turned off in your mobile or tablet.


New planned tasks

Scheduled task for sending mail by the end of the employment relationship has been added. The report of the employment relationship expiration may be sent to you by mail or slack several weeks before the event itself.

Another scheduled task sends an email or slack alert to the upcoming birthday.

The last addition to the Scheduled tasks is automatic sending of exported attendance every day / week / month. Thanks to this, you can easily import your attendance into other systems, or just secure backups.


In My Attendance on mobile for business trips, set "From Where - Thru - To Where"

We have released a new version of My Attendance, where you can set “From Where - Through - Where” on an ongoing business trip. These records are then available in the web application on the business path in the “Route” tab and are also displayed in the selected reports.


Attendance Clock for iPhone/iPad

Today we have also released Attendance Clock GIRITON for Apple devices as well. Attendance Clock can be used not only from touchscreens, notebooks, Android tablets and Windows 10 and Android phones, but also from iPhones and iPads.

Attendance Clock for Apple devices supports all the agendas you find on the Platforms for other platforms (Shift Schedule, Requests, Watching, QR Codes, Numerals, …).

Do not forget to check out our other My Attendance app to put on your own phone. Of course, you can combine both applications when entering attendance.


Reports use the shift plan instead of the actual attendance

In the Attendance or Attendance agenda, we added the “Apply a shift plan instead of real attendance” option to the “Attendance of Days, Simplified” report.

If you turn on the option, in the report the beginning and the end dates of shifts from the Shift Plan are used instead of real-time data. This means that the number of days worked will be equal to the working time fund of that person. There will be no overtime, and break times will match the length of pauses set within each shift.


New Agenda: Shift Registration

In the new Shift Registration agenda, the department manager lists shifts for the given days. Users can then sign up for these shifts. You can set the minimum and maximum number of users per shift. Next, the date by which you can register, the date until when you can cancel registration and much more.

In fact, the agenda may be appropriate for companies that have a larger number of trainees or contract staff who, after listing, can sign up on individual days according to their time limits.

Agenda is available not only in the web app, but also in the Attendance Clock and the My Attendance mobile app.


Approve requests or edit business trips directly from the calendar

In Calendar agenda, the calendar displays your custom calendars, such as reminders or meeting room reservations. You can also import and view your own ICAL calendar (eg from Google Calendar) and eventually you can also view attendance events, such as Holidays, Holiday Requests, Physicians or Business Trips.

We have recently added a feature that displays a detailed window when the attendance event is clicked on. From there  you can continue to work with the record. From now on, you can approve requests directly from your calendar, or modify your business trip record.


Speedometer for business trips

If a user on a mobile app My Intendance enters the vehicle’s tachometer values over a business trip multiple times (at the beginning and in the end), the difference between these values will be used as the distance of the business trip when terminating the service.

You can also edit the tachometer status in the web application in the Business Trip Details window, which will provide you with better outputs.



We do our best to make GIRITON simple and intuitive despite the many features and agendas. Even so, in the first days, it may happen that you forget where is the option you just need.

That’s why we’ve prepared a GIRITON image guide that describes the basic features of both web apps, Attendance Clock and My Attendance mobile apps.

You can download the guide here: https://goo.gl/GzEpPc


Attendance Clock: Choosing a vehicle for a business trip

At the Attendance Clock, we added the option “Select vehicle for business trip”. If the option is enabled, a “vehicle selection” dialog will appear when the business trip is inserted.


Send emails directly from the Human Resources agenda

We have just added the ability to send email to the Human Resources agenda. You can send email directly from GIRITON, for example to all users of the selected department.


Shifts of different time of duration

Do you often use shifts of varying durations? Are you dealing with the start and end times of the shifts, and are they making you constantly creating new shifts in the shift dial? This is no longer necessary.

In the Shift plan agenda, you can type in the boxes the beginning and the end of the shift you want to plan instead of the shortcuts (such as “M” for the morning shift). That is, “8-12:30” (without spaces). GIRITON will create a new shift plan that will not show elsewhere in the menus, but will serve only to that person on that specific day.
This will be particularly useful for companies that plan their human resources very operationally, and the predefined lengths of shifts are not appropriate for them.

In addition, you can change the particular shift the user has planned for a day not only from the Shift Plan agenda, as it has been, but also from the “Attendance and Attendance-overview” agenda on the right side of the “Shift” tab. In the case of minor adjustments, it may be more convenient than through the Shift Plan agenda.


Collision of multiple activities (home office and sick days)

Recently, several attendance activities can be crossed in GIRITON. For example, if you have Sickday on Fridays, you can also chose Homeoffice on the same day. Both activities are included in the calculations, ie. counted as 8 hours Sickday, and 4 hours Homeoffice.

To enable cross-activity support,  in the In the “User - Attendance - Attendance activities” menu choose the activity Sickday and then the “3 Others” tab. Click on “It can run concurrently with other activities”.


Collision of requests with real attendance

On some day you apply to go to a doctor from 12:00 to 16:00, which will be approved. Then you go to the doctor at 12:15 or maybe at 11:50. In this case, there could be collisions in attendance between an approved request and actual chipped attendance. It does not matter now.

In the “User - Attendance - Attendance activities” menu, you can turn on the “Real time preference before request” option for selected activities (such as “Physician”) in the “3 Others” tab. If enabled and within one day, both the approved application and actual user-chipped attendance are included in the activity (physician), then the actual user-chips are always used for the calculations.


Attendance Clock: Always choose a vehicle on a business trip

At Attendance Clock, the setting “Always choose a vehicle for business trips” is set. If this option is enabled, a dialog box is displayed when selecting a business trip to select the vehicle you are driving. Previously, this option was available from the mobile app My Attendance.


You can change shifts at Attendance Clock and at My Attendance

You can now change the shift you have scheduled on that day on the Shift Plan after selecting a specific day on the calendar. The option is available on both mobile apps.

If you do not have the authorization to change your shift plan directly, at least you can apply for a shift change here. The change is then approved by the supervisor.


Worksheet for person shows hatch blocks of work that do not belong to any project

The Worksheet for Person Agenda displays the work of users in relation to the individual projects that users are working on. If the user did not select a project while working, the empty space was shown in the graphics of that day. At first sight, it was impossible to know whether the user was absent or worked without a project.

For the sake of clarity now, in the day view, a work block without a project shades with black lines on a white background.


You can set the length of the camera live stream for QR codes scans to Attendance Clock.

Settings have been added to Attendance Clock (for Android) to help you control how long the live stream from the camera is displayed when QR codes are scanned. 

Previously, the live stream from the camera automatically turned off after 15 seconds when QR codes were scanned. Now you can choose from several delay options, including “never”, so the live stream from the camera will still be displayed when you turn it on.


In the Shift plan and Worksheet for Project the sums for the selected department are displayed

In the Shift Plan and Worksheet for Project agendas, you can see the sum of the displayed data, such as “18 people, 967: 00h”. You can find the data in the top table, specifically in the last row of the first column.

If you filter only the selected department, only the users from that department are shown. You know how many hours per month is scheduled and for how many people. Additionally, we add this information to selected reports.


Calendar can filtr by the Departments

In agenda Calendar, we’ve added support for filtering the displayed attendance events by the department to which each individual is assigned. For example, you can only see your Backoffice contacts and vacationers in your calendar.


New reports

New reports have been added to several agendas.

Worksheet for Project - Activity Sums: Shows how much time and finance has been spent on selected projects in each work activity. For example, for each project, you can tell how much time / finance you paid for work from the office and how much for home office work.

Worksheet for Project - Worksheet for Project 2: shows how much time a person spent on a particular project - each day.

We also added the option “Do not show caption” in selected reports. This is especially useful if you save these reports to Excel for post-processing. Therefore, not to create a lot of fictitious columns and make formatting simpler.


User's shift can be customized more easily

When it was necessary to retroactively edit some person’s shift, it was necessary to open the Shift Plan agenda, which shows the complete plan of all persons for the whole month. However, in the case of minor adjustments this could take some time.

You can also change the user’s shift in agendas Attendance, Attendance-Overview, and Worksheet for person. The change can be made in the right part if the “Shift” tab. You must have appropriate authorizationss to edit the shift. The change will be made immediately


Now you can see in the Shift Plan to whom the employment ws terminated

The agenda “Shift Plan” shows the schedule for the entire month. However, if the user was employed in the middle of the month or vice versa, the job was terminated several days before the end of the month, this was not clearly indicated in that agenda.Now there are fields for days where the user works. the ratio is not running, marked dark and you can see at first glance when you can schedule shifts.

If the user is not employed yet or not employed anymore, the days in the Shift Plan are marked dark. That way you will know when the shifts for the user can be planned.


XML export contains even more data

To the export to XML records has been added the time of arrivals and departures on every day was add. Sums for each month are possible to export in both units - “Hours” and “Shifts / Workdays”. Importing attendance into other systems will be much easier.